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Who Are We?

We are designers, manufacturers and suppliers of ultra-high quality LED lighting solutions for pretty much everywhere! At the same time we aim to protect our planet and improve our quality of life by providing an efficient, green and safe lighting alternative to the world.

We’ve got over 15,000 different products from spotlights in your house, to LED arrays for mines, panels in your office or exterior wall washers for buildings.  Not only do we have a huge variety of products, but we are able to design custom lighting solutions as well (aquarium, turtle safe, grow, emergency lights etc.)

Why Retail?

Going retail is our chance to provide you with awesome cutting edge LED technology at your fingertips. It’s too easy to be fooled into buying cheap, fake, un-reliable LED’s – so this is our solution. Tell us what you need and we will ensure our products not only do the job, but do it better, last longer and save you bucket loads. We’ve got you covered.

Where Are Our Lights?

Some of our more prestigious applications include: Bondi Beach, Sentosa Aquarium (Singapore), Xstrata MacArthur River Mine, Canberra Airport and Compass House.

For further info on our products and applications check out our website www.empyreanlighting.com.

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