Lighting. How to choose the best lighting for a room August 22, 2017 – Posted in: Lights

Let’s face it, choosing lighting for your home may seem daunting at times but with a little guidance you’ll soon be on your way to getting the right lighting for your rooms. The information provided on this page is from our vast experience in lighting solutions and the many hours we have spent with customers helping them understand how to pick the best lighting to suit their lifestyles and preferences. For more information about our lighting options, visit our secure online store. When choosing lighting for a room, there are many things to consider. The answers to the questions below will help guide your choice in lighting.

  • What is the room’s main function?
  • Do you use the room for other purposes, too?
  • Who will be using the room?
  • What is your budget?
  • How is the room decorated?
  • How big is the room?
  • How big are the furnishings in the room?
  • Is the room divided into separate seating or task areas?
  • How high are the ceilings in the room?
  • Does the room have any interesting architectural elements or quirks that help define its function or style, that you want to highlight?

Living spaces, like living rooms, dens, playrooms, momcaves, mancaves, basements, home offices, and home theater rooms can be the busiest rooms in the house. When it comes to lighting, pretty much anything goes and works in these spaces. Here, you really need to evaluate how a room will be used and choose the lighting accordingly. Then, spend some time thinking about how the space is used by the different members of your family. Employ layers of light, including pendants and hanging fixtures, lamps, recessed lighting and sconces, for general and task illumination.

Dining rooms and pendants go hand in hand. Pendants add drama, ambience, and set the stage for elegance throughout the entire home. In most spaces, you’ll want to use the dimensions of the room to determine what size pendant you need. You can use that same formula in the dining room, too, but if you already have a table, we recommend you choose your pendant size based on the size of your table. The diameter should be up to half the width of your table. While a central pendant is the common choice for a dining room, we also love the look of hanging several pendants over a long table, just as you might light an island or peninsula in a kitchen. When hanging lights above your dining table, keep in mind that the bottom of the chandelier should be no lower than 75cm above the tabletop. Sconces are another great choice for the dining room to highlight artwork or mirrors or flanking fireplaces or windows. Many people use their dining rooms for more than just dining. They can double as home offices, craft rooms and homework stations, so bring in task lighting as appropriate. Because dining rooms are multi-functional spaces that are used day and night, you may want to consider installing a dimmer. Today, dining rooms are used for so much more than dining. It’s nice to be able to turn the lights up when working on a project at the dining room table. For a dinner party, light some candles and turn down the lights to create an intimate feel.

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