August 2017

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    Lighting. How to choose the best lighting for a room

    Let’s face it, choosing lighting for your home may seem daunting at times but with a little guidance you’ll soon be on your way to getting the right lighting for your rooms. The information provided on this page is from our vast experience in lighting solutions and the many hours we have spent with customers […]

  • rhino ceiling fans

    Ceiling Fans. What Size Should I Buy?

    Contrary to perception, ceiling fans are not one-size-fits-all fixtures. They can vary enormously. However, the right fan will depend on the size and height of your room. Make sure you buy a ceiling fan that is the appropriate size for your room to ensure that it performs properly. To determine which size ceiling fan you […]

  • galaxy1 ceiling fans brisbane

    Ceiling Fans and Where You Should Put Yours

    When you think about it, purchasing a ceiling fan for the outdoors area is not the same as purchasing one for your bedroom or living room. That’s because each location is exposed to unique weather elements, which affect the performance and life of a ceiling fans. When you make the decision to get some, it’s […]

  • royale2li ceiling fan

    How to Buy a Ceiling Fan for Your Home

    A ceiling fan is a must-have home appliance for summer. Whether you’re buying an indoor or outdoor ceiling fan for the first time, or you’re looking to replace an existing one, the choices can be overwhelming. Here are  tips to help you avoid buyer’s remorse and buy the right ceiling fan for your home. Once […]